Far Left propaganda show Tonightly axed from the ABC


Sad and unpopular ‘comedy’ show, Tonightly, will be axed from the ABC. This cringy, unfunny sinkhole of taxpayer funds was known for relentlessly pushing Green-Left talking points while desperately pretending to do comedy.

How the ABC does ‘comedy’

It struggled with very low ratings throughout its two seasons. Among the show’s many controversies were the host being accused of sexually assaulting a gay man, and the show calling a Conservative political candidate a c***.

It’s another example of taxpayer money being thrown at talentless parasites to spout ideologies that promote further taxpayer parasitism and anti-white, anti-male hatred.

The Tonightly show was famously mocked on social media for defending ABC ME’s indoctrination of children with Cultural Marxist propaganda.

The original:

One of the best parodies: