@AupolNews provides a 24/7 Australian online news service. Our primary platform is Twitter, but we are growing slowly on Facebook too: Aupol News

We use many different mainstream and alternative media sources. Our editorial policy shuns Political Correctness, because PC only serves the interests of the political and corporate elite. Unfortunately, we can’t read all your comments/replies/retweets. We’d love to, but just don’t have the time. If we don’t respond to a question or comment don’t take it personally because we probably didn’t see it.

Comment policy: You won’t be blocked or muted if you say something that others may choose to take offence to, but if you are obviously and frequently trolling you may be blocked. Trolling includes ‘concern trolling’ where you pretend to care about some issue, but really you are virtue signalling and hiding behind this ‘conspicuous compassion’ to attack others in order to feel morally superior.


Engaging alternative news source free of Political Correctness

We use tens of different sources, so we have have far more diversity than major media outlets. We are a genuine 24/7 news service, unlike others who just repeat the same stories over and over. We don’t push the ideology of powerful institutions. We respect the views of the common man. We measure our success by the numbers of comments we receive.

#aupol hashtag

The name “#aupol news” was chosen to encourage people to use the hashtag #aupol.

We want people to use the #aupol hashtag instead of #auspol because the latter is dominated by union, ALP, and to a lesser extent, Green accounts. Many of the people who run these accounts are paid or voluntary propagandists for political parties. Others are rent-seekers from various sectors trying to extract more money from taxpayers for themselves. Very few of these people disclose their self-interest. Some hold multiple accounts and use bots to automatically like and retweet their propaganda to boost its visibility. You can identify this propaganda easily from its many likes, but very few, if any, comments.

We want #aupol to be a grassroots hashtag. Let the lobby groups, rent-seekers, shills, and hysterically-comformist virtue-signallers have #auspol. Come over to #aupol for real debate on important issues! There is little traffic on the hashtag at the moment, but we are confident that critical mass will be achieved this year. After that it will really take off.